Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We feel so left out..

The Hulk is cowering from the pummeling he's received courtesy of The Thing.

I hate having to wear glasses.

I was at The Vault on Sunday night, and this girl (Katie) drew a picture of me really quickly as a joke.
She drew me wearing glasses which immediately put me off, because when I think of myself, I don't see glasses.
Apparently it's all people can see though when I'm wearing them.
A different Sunday I was at The Vault (it's my Sunday night thing) and a friend of Katie's told me I looked like a different person when I took my glasses off.
I would do contacts, but I've got this disease where I can't shove things in my eyes.
I've tried.
I wish I knew more about that eye surgery with the laser beams.
You know the one?
The one where you can shoot laser beams out of your eyes.
That seems like the way to go.



Joel Priddy said...

Wait. You wear glasses?

I guess I've always been too distracted by your plunging decolletage.

Curt Franklin said...

Ok, I had to look up 'decolletage' in the dictonary.

And I gave you my medical opinion on lasix, Chris. My offer to perform it on you with my rusty laser knives still stands.

chrishaley said...

So did I.