Monday, August 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo, 1963-2007

I cannot believe what I've just read.
This is absolutely horrible news.
Mike Wieringo was and will always be one of my absolute favorite artists and his personality and kind-hearted spirit made him an even greater asset to the comics community.
I'll never forget how great it made me feel when he complimented a drawing of Ghost Rider I had posted on the Drawing Board forums a few years ago.
I didn't know the man personally, and had only talked to him over the years via e-mail or on various message boards, but I really feel like we've all lost someone special.
As I was walking down to my car this morning to go to work I said to myself, this feels like one of those days where I'm going to be saying I wish I'd just stayed in bed. I had no idea how true that was going to turn out to be.
I only got a few hours sleep last night, and then on the way to work I hit a big dog full-on.
Then to get to work and hear about this.. this has been a really awful day.
After trying all damn morning to find the cover to Flash #0 (one of my favorite single issues ever) somewhere online and not having any luck, I decided to just post some of my favorite sketches from his site. It's not much a tribute, but it's the best I can do.
suestormii FLASHHEROES
marymarvel KIDFLASH
AQUAMANII photoparker
spidermantrip RUGGEDSPIRIT

The Flash #0
My thanks to Curt for finding this picture for me.
Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Mike Wieringo.
This is one of the finest comics I've ever read.
It's one of those rare gems that showcases how magical and amazing comics can be.


Curt Franklin said...

Here's the Flash #0 cover with an ugly milehighcomics watermark.

His and Waid's Flash run (no pun) is one of the first comics I ever really got into. People his age shouldn't be dead.

chrishaley said...

Thank you very much, man.
The fact that he was a vegetarian and according to everyone's accounts in great shape also makes that much more depressing.
There just aren't enough people like him in the comics industry for him to die like this.
I don't mean for that to sound crass or careless, but I just don't know how things can be the same.

josh said...


Adam said...

I just left your flickr page in adoration of the man, and then I came here. Quite a shock. Just awful.