Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Memory of Mike Wieringo.

I don't know who made this banner, but I liked it, so here it is.

I imagine the rest of the week at least, any posting I do will just be in tribute/memory of Mike Wieringo.

I decided the best thing I could do would be to share my favorite comic of his with you a few pages at a time over the next few days. He was still a rookie to mainstream comics when this issue came out, and the work he would eventually produce would show him growing above and beyond this by leaps and bounds, but this comic will always hold a special place in my heart.

I had just started reading Flash a few months earlier because Mike's art had caught my eye and had been in the process of trying to find some of the older issues since he had started on the book.
Then this came out amid all the Zero Hour revamps, reboots, restarts and was absolutely magical.
To me at least.

This comic solidified my love for the character and made sure that for me, Wally West will always be THE Flash.

I've been trying to think since yesterday if there's been any other single issue of any comic ever that I've read and re-read more than this, and if there is, I can't think of one.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Flash0-01 Flash0-02
Flash0-03 Flash0-04
Flash0-05 Flash0-06
More tomorrow..

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Lighthouse Pilot said...

woah...this just royally sucks. He was fantastic.

wow. He was so young.