Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What you need is a rocket..

1) I just found out I must buy this game.

2) Enjoy these new pictures from The Dark Knight (aka Batman Continues to Begin/Batman Won't Stop Beginning/Batman Keeps On Keepin' On).
The Dark Knight
You'll notice Batman can now move his head from side to side and up & down.

And here's the new "Bat-cycle".


Lighthouse Pilot said...

I saw this sweet sweet stuff yesterday. I forget how I found it, but it was by accident...and boy, when I found it I got all giddy. I like that he has more head movement and the bat cycle is another really nice design. They're really making believable vehicles. It isn't just some bike with crap tacked on...they invented a bike!! ...with grappling hooks!!

chrishaley said...

If you haven't seen it already, I've got a huge, hi-res version of the Batman pic if you'd like to check out all the new detailing and changes on the costume.

josh said...

there's a few more pics of the bat cycle, or batpod, as it's being called, at aintitcool.com.

Anonymous said...

Chris- Toys R Us has Buy 2 get one Free on all DS games this week.

Great time to pick up Puzzle League, Puzzle Quest, DS Web Browser, and either of the new Pokemon games! YAY!

-Nathan Ballard

chrishaley said...

Holy wow!
I'm on it.