Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life Meter 2!

The cat's out of the bag!

The Streets of Rage comic that Curt and I did a few months back will be appearing in the Life Meter 2 comic anthology.
Life Meter...

"Debuting at the MoCCA Art Fest in NYC on June 23rd...Life Meter Volume 2

Following the success of last year’s mini-comic that sold out by the second day of the MoCCA Art Festival, this new collection will feature over 100 pages of videogame-inspired comic strips and cartoon art from an impressive range of comic artists and animators. This graphic novel-length anthology includes an 11-page MEGA MAN story by Matt Loux, the Harvey Award-nominated creator of Side Scrollers from Oni Press; a shoujo manga take on The LEGEND OF ZELDA by TokyoPop artist Queenie Chan (The Dreaming); and a gorgeous cover inspired by the cult favorite game NIGHTS INTO DREAMS by Flight artist, Bannister."

You can check out a full rundown of everything in the book by clicking here.

You can imagine how excited we are to have our little comic nestled alongside work from such a distinguished group of talented artists.

After you get done checking all of that out, click here to see Sean and I representing Memphis' finest comic stop and our favorite place to dress alike.

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josh said...


i will track this comic down, somehow, or you will snag one for me, and sign it, and send it to me, for realz, dawg.