Thursday, May 10, 2007

The millenial rhythms.

That's about as funny as anything gets. Ever.

So I got an e-mail earlier in the week that let me know that the Streets of Rage comic Curt and I did was enjoyed enough by the respective editors that it is going to be published.
This was very exciting news to the both of us.
Now we are faced with an even more daunting task.
We must write little bios for ourselves to appear along side the bios of the other creative type people in the back of the anthology.
If anyone wants to have a go at writing a humorous but mildly accurate 2 or 3 line bio of me I'd be more than willing to read it, and then use it without giving you any credit for your effort.
Doesn't that sound like a great deal and a lot of fun?
I thought so.

More details on the comic and it's publication as that information becomes available.


josh said...

congratulations! what anthology is it appearing in? and when can i see it!?

Joel Priddy said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see it! Here, I've written your bio in the form of a haiku.

shooting laser to
conquer the impossible:
it’s the chris haley.

What more could possibly need to be said?

Joel Priddy said...

"lasers," plural, of course.

octave said...

chris haley is a douche.
he lives in memphis.