Monday, May 14, 2007

He wants to look cool. I appreciate that.

Watch out!
I've gone lazer-crazy.

2007 Eisner Award Nominee Joel Priddy took me up on the bio writing challenge I issued.. as I hoped he might.
Even better, he wrote it as a haiku.

shooting lasers to
conquer the impossible:
it’s the chris haley.

Is there anything Joel can't do?


april said...

he probably can't lactate. although, it's altogether possible that i'm wrong about that.

Joel Priddy said...

Anything I say would certainly be too much.

april said...

for the internet? never!

it's a great haiku, by the way. i meant to tell you that, but i forgot. i love haikus.

josh said...

what's your superhero name? laser-man? rave man? finger blaster? blaster pussycat kill kill? any of those would work.

Joel Priddy said...

Blaster Pussycat Kill Kill! is a great superhero name, but it would really eat up the headline space when the Daily Bugle was accusing the haley of being a menace.

JJJ would probably just shorten it to "B. Pussycat." Which ain't so cool.

josh said...

but maybe when perry white ran the story, he'd be kinder and see him not as a menace to, but a helper of, society as a whole.

chrishaley said...

This is one of the best comment threads ever.