Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I've got the greatest view from here.

mii_clark mii_selina
April and I made Miis of Clark Kent and Selina Kyle.
The Wii is awesome for allowing us to do this.
Do you have any idea how much fun it is being on a baseball team with Superman?
I've made Bruce Wayne and a Scott Pilgrim as well.
It doesn't get much better.


april said...

when did you make bruce wayne and scott pilgirm?! no fair!

i wish there were options to make the skin color like blue and purple and green. i want to make the HULK!

josh said...

i imagine a time when the skin color option will be available, and then (green) hulk can box (grey) hulk.

april said...

oh, what a wonderful day that will be!

chrishaley said...

I just can't wait until we get that more choices upgrade comes out and we can make the Hulk, as well as The Orphan and U-Go Girl.
They'll say, "Now batting, Guy."

Mr. Joe said...

Oh snap! Let's exchange wii codes!
I want a Sylina Kyle Mii.
We've got a pretty good Mulder and Scully...

chrishaley said...

There are definitely strange things that need to be investigated on my Wii.