Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Batman!


On this day in 1939, Detective Comics #27 was published and so today we celebrate 68 years of Bat-Mania!

DSC03678 batman_fig_bw
This Batman is on my desk at work.

Here's a little bitty Batman I painted on a little bitty canvas.

Here's a Batman wallpaper I made. Pencils by Ed McGuinness. Inks by Dexter Vines. Colors by me.


april said...

speaking of ed mcguinness, have you given you-know-who that you-know-what?

rachelle said...

It would have been clever of me to save rating Batman until today, but I failed to do so.

I love that Batman you painted!

Nice post! Here's to another 68 years of Batman!

chrishaley said...

April - Haha! I'm so glad I know what you're talking about.
No, I have not given it to them yet. Why do you ask?

josh said...

batman is the most awesomest superhero-who-doesn't-really-have superpowers-but-can-still-beat-up-superman-if-he-wanted-to-but-doesn't-because-they're-friends-and-have-kick-ass-adventures-and-slumber-parties-where-they-eat-rice-crispie-treats-hero ever.


april said...

i was just curious as to what their reaction was. you know, if they liked it or whatever.

i just realized that the only thing i'm really truly good at is being vague. HA!

RC said...

i bet the batman on your desk really serves as a good inspiration...

if you just could make a little more money you could perhaps be super too...and without the need for any real super powers even.

chrishaley said...

RC - That's certainly the plan, but let's keep that between you, me, and the internet.