Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So how did everyone else feel about the new JSA cover from the latest DC solicitations?
It was by Alex Ross.
And featured a character I'd never seen before..

I'm not even kidding.
Now what would you call him?
His erection is actually pointing at the above sentence.
I just don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this cover.
I mean, besides turned on.
It's like he's daring you not to look at it.
I had a friend in high school who would do the same thing.

Update: I added that speech bubble, which means The Boner-Man Meme has begun.

Click on the pics to .. God help you, make it bigger.

Josh is our first participant, but I fully expect this thing to spread like wildfire, so be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon.

Joel Priddy has joined the fray!
The Elongated Man

afp3683 gave us these two entries along with the quote, "This will forever be known as the Alex Ross cover that launched a thousand slash fics."


And ken-redtail has his own riff on that last one..

Update! Josh's boredom at work has led to another great entry.

I can just see this one in libraries across the country.

Shane remembers every teenage boy's worst fear.

Josh returns with another entry!


josh said...

wow, that cover is pretty boner-rific.

chrishaley said...

And how.

josh said...

the reason he's the only one on the cover: no one else could fit because of his crazy boner.

and his costume looks like it's made from metal, which means his boner is HARD ENOUGH TO BEND METAL.

now that's a superpower.

chrishaley said...


josh said...

here's my entry.


josh said...

oops, i think i messed that up.

try this instead.

if that doesn't work, try clicking my name.

josh said...

ok, yeah, just click my name.

chrishaley said...

That's seriously made me laugh so hard my side hurt.

What happened to your blog, dude?

josh said...

eh, i never update it anymore. cos i'm lame like that. i should start a new one. possibly. where are all these meme entries going to go?

chrishaley said...

I think I'm going to try and keep them all here. I'll host all the images myself if I have to.

Yes, you should start a new blog or get the old one going again, so I can link to you.

afp3683 said...


josh said...

here's another. i got bored at work.

(clicky the name.)

josh said...

if you look closely at the book, it reads "The Pocket Book of Boners" by Dr. Suess, which, according to Amazon, is a real book.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed. My grandmother left us a copy when she passed away. It mostly consists of ironic mistakes made by schoolchildren on their history papers.

josh said...

then this is a book i must have! laughing at schoolchildren is one of my all time favorite hobbies!

josh said...

the shocking truth behind boner-man's powers!