Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April had the best birthday ever.

Yesterday was April's birthday, as you might have noticed from the big pink and white notice below.
I don't know if she had the most fun she's ever had on a birthday (we're all going to do something about that part on Friday though), but I was definitely able to get her the best presents ever.

Guy Smith and Edie Sawyer Go-Go Dancing by Joel Priddy!
It's Guy Smith and Edie Sawyer (aka The Orphan/Mr. Sensitive & U-Go Girl) from X-Force/X-Statix go-go dancing by Joel Priddy!
These two are April's favorite comic characters and the fact that they're together and doing something cute like go-go dancing is right up April's alley ... so, you know, double extra special.

April as Bizarra by Dean Trippe!
My girlfriend is a superhero!
It's April as Bizarra by Dean Trippe!
April gets to live the dream and be an adorable (but super-tough) superhero and fly through the skies all while not being dressed like a porn star.

I'll let Joel and Dean post the full pictures on their own respective sites since it's their art.
Giving her these presents was one of the most exciting and best things I've ever gotten to do, and her excitement and disbelief and overwhelmedness (not an actual word) was absolutely awesome.


josh said...

man, those're some awesome gifts right there. cindle's celebration of her day or birth is upcoming fast and i need to figure out what i'm going to get her. and i still don't know! any suggestions?

april said...

um, yeah. you're the best. have i said that yet?

josh said...

yes, yes, april, we all know how wonderful he is, but we must face the current dilemma: what will i get cindle for her birthday? your thoughts?

april said...

oh, boy...well. what is she like? what are her hobbies and interests? i'm good at gift ideas, i think...it's hard though when i don't know the person.

chrishaley said...

Josh- Answer April's questions, and then I'm sure we'll come back with something that'll be gangbbusters.

josh said...

sorry... i was taking time trying to come up with the best way to describe her. she's funny and she likes the beatles and america's next top model and other girly things and likes quirky music and movies and she loves her nephew and she makes me smile pretty much everyday. so yeah, i'm sure that helps about a boatload.

if you can't come up with anything, no worries. just thought i'd pick your respective brains for some ideas.

josh said...

oh, and because i'm a butt with a hole in it for not saying it earlier, happy late birthday, april.

april said...

haha, it's ok! now i get to feel like it's still my birthday two days later! :)

she sounds great. and can i just say that, despite my trying SO HARD to HATE america's next top model (because i hate what it stands for), i can't help but want to watch it. why?! WHY?!

ok, another question...what are YOU good at? what are your talents or interests?

josh said...

mmm. i feel like i'm a fairly competent filmmaker/cameraman, a decent graphic artist (nowhere near the same league as chris or joel or dean), and a fairly good writer. i've made her little slideshow videos before using pictures of us, but i don't want to keep repeating myself. i know i'm getting her a kitten, but i feel as though something needs to accompany it.

and yeah, i was forced to watch about 8 episodes of 'america's next top model' one sunday. not pure torture, because i dig photography and pretty ladies, but fairly close.

april said...

does she know you're getting her a kitten? you could make a short film of things she likes (you know, certain restaurants or foods, pictures of celebrities, her nephew, etc) then at the end, you could show the kitten playing around and stuff. and then think of a clever way to surprise her that it's actually HER kitten.

i don't know...i'll try to think of some more stuff, too.

josh said...

that's a great idea. she pretty much already knows that she's getting a kitten. i think i'm going to cook for her. i've never done that (we've cooked together, sure, but never just me) so i think that'd be a massive surprise. :)