Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh, it's on!

The Fist-A-Cuffs Tag Team Battle Royal is finally underway, and Round 1 voting ends SATURDAY!
Team Awesome As Hell is facing "The Maliciously Merciless Monarchs of Misery" in EAST-MATCH 7 and we need your help to move on to the next round, so if you've got a Blogger or a Gmail account get on it and vote for us so we can move to the next round.

While you're there, check out all of the awesome art and combatants, but be sure to vote for our friends who have also come to get down..
Joel and Dean's Hackenslash facing The Gigantipithicators.
Cody Barnhill and Derek Dent's Team De-Nile against The Bah Team.
Paul Conrad and David Rubin's The Pain Brothers (featuring Ragnarokker) squaring off against The Fur Brigade.
Maris Wicks and Joe Quinones Skin and Bonez versus Fandango Fray.

Just so there's no confusion, the teams I mentioned first in all of those links are the friends for whom you should be voting.

So tell a friend or twelve and let's make it happen, whaddaya say?

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