Thursday, March 29, 2007

Round 2!

Team Awesome As Hell 2.0
Garrison Ghostsinger and The Trampoline
by Chris Haley and Shane McDermott

So since Joel and I's Fist-A-Cuffs fight team had to be scrapped due to some pesky rule issues, a new Team Awesome As Hell was forced to rise.
Shane's The Trampoline strikes an even greater twinge of terror up your spine if you've actually ever gotten caught in one of those trampoline springs... which I have.

I've been a huge fan of Shane's for a long time (I've got stuff of his cut out of the paper and glued in my sketchbook.. no lie) so getting to team up with him on this was a real thrill.
I'd hook you up with a link to his site, but he doesn't have one put together yet... even though I've bugged him about it more than once. As soon as he gets it up and running though, I assure you, I'll let you know.


April said...

oh em gee. that is fucking awesome.

chrishaley said...


Joel Priddy said...

Yeah, that is mighty impressive. I hope we aren't pitted against each other in the first round. But I can only assume it will be HACKENSLASH vs. TEAM AWESOME-AS-HELL in the final two!

Best of luck!

chrishaley said...

One can only assume as much.
I'm just glad that you convinced me to have a go at it, because I definitely doubt I would have had the courage to on my own. So thanks. Also thanks for inking it for me and making it look so slick.
I finally get to go to the "special" doctor about my shoulder on Tuesday so hopefully that'll be a good thing.

Joel Priddy said...

Have you seen the brackets for the tag-team rounds? If Team Awesome-As-Hell and Hackenslash both survive the first round, they will be pitted against each other!

Which means we have about five days left to our friendship.

chrishaley said...

Can Memphis maintain this mammoth match-up of unmitigated might and mystery?!?!