Friday, April 27, 2007

Anything's better than nothing.

So, I guess I basically have two things I sincerely like doing.
Cartooning (you can call it "art" if that makes you feel better) and playing music.

I feel like I'm making strides on the cartooning front everyday. Slowly, but surely. I've got ideas and a real desire to make things happen, and if a lot of the comics I'm reading these days are any indication, talent is in a distant third place after those two. I'm aware that that sentence is completely depressing, but I might as well get mine while I can, right?

That leaves us with the band thing.
I'm sure you've all heard me bitch and moan on the internet about how I want to get a band going, but nothing happens.
I just don't want to be in a shitty band, and I think I have to move away from Memphis to do that.
I mean, I feel like there was a point in time when we were the only band worth a damn in this town, and since we've dissolved.. not much has changed.
I'm sure there are bands playing out around town now that I haven't heard, so until I do, you guys are excluded from my "shitty bands" list, but I feel like I already know the only people who're worth getting involved with, and it doesn't look like I'm ever going to be able to do anything with them.
Isn't there anyone else in this town that likes Electric Six and Superdrag? Sloan and Judas Priest? OK Go and Sweet? Andrew WK and Van Halen?
Is there nary a soul who wants to play music that makes people feel good and put their fists in the air?
I mean, all I wanna do is rock.
Am I really so alone in that desire?

So, yeah, I guess I'll see.


Joel Priddy said...

There's a T-shirt:


or, maybe:


chrishaley said...

I need to get into the t-shirt business.

Diana said...

I'll learn a couple of instruments and be in your band as long as we call ourselves The Mighty Oaks. I'm adamant about this.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Memphis music is a weird beast. I don't know much about who's playing or who's any good these days. I know a few people with bands and I like their stuff. It's pretty original and weird and cool.
I'm best friends with two guys who had an awesome band. Two CD's and a growing following, but they were just too different and couldn't get gigs. Sadly, at the time, Memphis was more into what I call "seashell necklace" bands.

april said...

"seashell necklace bands"
hilarious :)

josh said...

i'll play the glockenspiel. when i learn how.