Thursday, March 15, 2007

I've made the big time!

From Project Rooftop : "...Project: Rooftop is teaming up with Super. Girl., a project, to bring you a week-long Supergirl appreciation event! Here at P:R, we’re going to be reviewing our top picks from last month’s Draw Supergirl meme throughout the week, and on Friday, S.G. will be posting a comprehensive article on Supergirl’s costume history.

Our reviewers for this event include Project: Rooftop regulars Chris Arrant, Dean Trippe, Joel Priddy, and Vito Delsante, and special guest reviewer, Jessica Plummer from Super.Girl."

In case you couldn't guess why I'm posting this, the Supergirl that April and I came up with has made it to the big show!


April said...

i like how one of your labels for this entry was "awesomeness". the idea that someday you'll need to search through your old entries for "awesomeness" is somehow hilarious to me.

also, hoorays for us!

Joel Priddy said...

Looking at the names listed under your Supergirl, I think April and Diana need to go in business together as Nock & Steel: Private Investigators. And since they'll obviously be comics detectives, Diana gets a pair of magic brass knuckles, and April projects her mind into robot duplicates.

josh said...

holy joey buttafucco! that's great news! congrats!

Joel Priddy said...

Check it out:

josh said...

(in reference to joel's link)

holy amy fischer! that's awesome!