Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GuitarSuperHero Party!

Sean and I threw a final party at our place before they tear it down to make way for a Target.
Since it was our last chance for a shindig at the site of many a memorable party it had to be something special.
It had to combine all the fun of a costume party with all the awesomeness of a Guitar Hero get-together.
Thus we had a GuitarSuperHero Party.
IMG_0945 copy
IMG_0944 copy IMG_0947 copy IMG_0948 copy
IMG_0949 copy IMG_0946 April and Natalie
IMG_0942 copy
IMG_0943 Nova and Natalie Wolverine and Natalie
DSC03645 DSC03646 The Mysterious Mr. Slinger is sighted!
Derek is Wonder Man
We dig letters on our sweaters.
Nova, Wolverine, and Superboy's head
superman_and_bizarra Bizarra
Room8s 4 Lyfe.

Also in attendance, but not pictured :
Curt as Clone Thor (I did get one great picture of Curt, but I doubt he'd want me to post it)
Joe as Superboy
Dani (sp?) as Daredevil
Emily as Mighty Mouse
Diana as Impromptu Batgirl
and a number of secret identity partiers


April said...

oh, what fun!

i'm glad you cropped sean out of that picture of the four of us...his version of the bunny ears is severely inappropriate.

my favorites were clayton as wolverine (because of the fact that, while the costume was obviously easy to make and thrown together--i.e. butter-knife-claws--he could not have looked any more like the character)
and, of course, the mysterious mr. slinger (because of the amount of thought and work that went into the costume and the character). also, he had a bad-ass slingshot.

chrishaley said...

I'm going to ignore the pain I'm feeling from my costume not being one of your favorites.

chrishaley said...

I'm also going to be hurt on Sean and Curt's behalf.

Joel Priddy said...

it was a marvelous costume, worn with dignity and poise.

I like that April has red-eyes in the first Bizarra shot. It makes her look very in-character.

April said...

i was trying to use my lazer vision to destroy the camera!

chris, i thought it would go without saying that your costume was one of my favorites. but for the rest of the blogging world:
chris WAS superman. believe me.

maybe what i said needs more clarification. here's a list winners, and why they won:

you--best executed "real" superhero (now i'm probably hurting joel's feelings). i don't think a better superman shirt exists (that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money). and we all know you embody the superman spirit like no one else...

sean--best last-minute costume. who knew you could be so creative with sheets of colored foam? props for not resigning himself to the lame non-costumed club.

joel--i have to say wins best over-all. it was a completely original character, complete with back-story and head-to-toe costume. he even brought his signature weapon...really pulled it all together. only other weapon at the party was clayton, with his butter-knives...not too scary, if you ask me.

clayton--did have, by far, the best hair. hugh jackman would be jealous.

natalie--as herself, wins the "larger than life" prize. seems having a baby makes you a great partier.

curt--most clever (due to the fact only readers of comics would really "get" it) and best--or worst--wig.

liz--most intruiging and vague. inspired feelings of "umm..wait, what? i don't get it but i like it". and most adorable, as always.

honorable mentions: sebastian-for being so over the top and not really a superhero at all, mary-for her fishnets and cowboy boots, and myself-for my kick-ass tube socks and lazer eyes.

surely there are some key winners i'm overlooking...feel free to list your own, everyone!

Joel Priddy said...


I'd have to argue that Liz's was the cleverest costume, and that Curt/Clor was best "insider" costume.

And Sean also needs some sort of award for glueiest nipples.

And thank you for not destroying the camera.

April said...

"insider" was the word i was looking for and couldn't find.
yes, yes. liz's WAS the most clever. cleverest.

"whatever's clever is totally whatever"

i forgot about sean's gluey nipples! thank you for reminding me and thus making my day a little brighter.

Joel Priddy said...

Such is the service I provide.

chrishaley said...

Joel - My thanks, good sir.
I told Sean he was using waaay too much glue. To not listen, such is Sean's way.