Thursday, February 22, 2007

Supergirl Meme '07

So here's my entry for
the big Supergirl meme.
So the story on this is on the first day the meme kicked off (sometime early last week I think), April and I looked at the 10-20 that were already up and then I asked her what she thought a 16 year old with superpowers would wear.
April immediately had ideas and excitedly wrote them down in my sketchbook.
I started sketching while she watched and explained her ideas.
This was what we came up with, and I really like it. As far as I can tell, April does too.
So I tightened up the pencils a bit and then began my worrying about ruining it with ink.
Fast forward to my Sunday artist group meeting and I still haven't inked the thing.
Thankfully, Diana agreed to ink it for me since I added a cute Nightcrawler to her ridiculously awesome collection.
Scanned it. Vectorized it. Handed it off to April.
April then proceeded to work her color magic.
It scares me how good she is for how short a time she's been doing it.
So that's the story.
Collaboration at it's best.
Whaddaya think, sirs?


josh said...

i've looked at a good number of those entries, and your entry sits in at least the top 10 if not higher. nice job. to all involved parties.

Joel Priddy said...

Chris, great job! Kudos to your whole bullpen! I love April's coloring job. The color switch between the tights and the hoodie is really nice, as is the dot-pattern in the background.

And, as I mentioned over on my blog, I want a sleeved version of this hoodie with it's old Fleischman Bros. S-shield. Groovetastic!