Friday, February 23, 2007

Some people get it.

From Punisher War Journal #1.

Why couldn't Marvel let Matt Fraction write Civil War?
These two panels by themselves were enough to sign me up for the Fraction Fan Club... not the one the other Mathletes are in though.

I plan on talking about (shudder) Civil War #7 sooner than later, but I think Chris (not me) over at 2 Guys Reading Comics has already said it pretty well. Plus, I think he's even going to do a more in depth (read : page by page) commentary tomorrow... so.. you know, keep an eye out for that too.


Joel Priddy said...

Wait, are you saying that's real dialog from an actual comics? This isn't one of those parodies like you posted last week?

But... but... it's funny! And irreverent! Is funny and irreverent still allowed in continuity?

Joel Priddy said...

Also, are you go for Sunday? How's noon?

chrishaley said...

Yeah, I was just as shocked as you.
Those two panels were the most Spider-Man sounding Spider-Man I'd read anywhere in a "real" Marvel comic in a long, long time. Matt Fraction is officially on my "keep an eye on" list.

Also, Sunday at noon is all systems go for me.