Thursday, February 12, 2004

For those of you who haven't heard yet, BUTCH WALKER has been signed to Epic Records and given his own (yet-to-be-named) imprint through which he will be releasing a live disc, a DVD, and then his long awaited sophmore solo album.
We should have all of these things in our grubby little mitts before the end of 2004.

Josh Homme has kicked Nick Oliveri out of Queens of the Stone Age because of his excessive partying.
That doesn't sound like a particularly rock and roll reason to kick someone out of a band.
Van Connor of Screaming Trees has been announced via the official QOTSA site as Oliveri's replacement.

Though I'm sure none of you care, but since I do, Judas Priest will indeed be one of the headlining act on this year's Ozzfest.

Rumors continue to persist that Van Halen is planning a summer tour. Time will tell I suppose.

AC/DC are working on material for a new album.

News for the Iron Maiden fans.

All kinds of Motorhead news.

Did anyone else know there's a Mini- KISS?
Does anyone else find these pictures from one of their shows unsettling?
While I'm on the subject of strange things, did anyone else read the article on these kids in Rolling Stone a few months ago?
I wonder what Axl thinks of all of this.

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