Thursday, January 29, 2004

Check out the trailer for Zatoichi.
It's not that bad if you ignore the voice-over guy.
This character is one of Japan's great franchises (there's been a Zatoichi film in movie theaters or a series on television pretty much without any kind of gaps from 1962), and it stars "Beat" Takeshi Kitano.. what else do you need?

This really cracked me up.
I'm not trying to make fun though, I like people who can get excited about things.

Things continue to get worse on the Superman movie front.

In some positive movie news, Naomi Watts has finally signed to star in Peter Jackson's new King Kong epic.
I'm already prepared to say that I think this movie will be a masterpiece on par with the original.
It starts shooting in August and will be in theaters around Christmas 2005.

Also, the new Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman flick has a title, BATMAN : INTIMIDATION.

You are Mario! You're pretty good-all-around.
You're the hero most of the time, and you don't
get too hung up in it...just try and let others
get a little spot-light too, okay?

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