Wednesday, September 17, 2003

For those of you that don't know, today is my birthday.
My 23rd birthday as a matter of fact.
By some strange cosmic coincidence, Gabe over at Penny Arcade decided to speak on the subject of birthdays today...
"The fact of the matter is I get very excited about my birthday. It's not even all the fabulous presents I expect to receive from my closest friends, although that will be nice. I get excited for the inevitable birthday party. So many of my friends tend to downplay their birthdays and I can't understand why. They might get a few friends together and go out to dinner someplace nice or whatever but that's about it. It seems like after 21 no one is interested in really celebrating on their B-day. I like birthday parties. I like it when all my friends come over and play videogames. Sure that's what we do every Thursday anyway but on my Birthday there will be cake and cake just makes thing better. Everyone gets one special day a year, a day when everyone gets together to party and celebrate simply because you're still around. I say take your special day and milk it for everything it's worth. This September 25th I'll be turning the big two six and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that slip by with nothing but a dinner at Azteca to commemorate it."

This made me want to try and party a little harder tonight, more so than I had wanted to do before I read it.
Perhaps it will make you want to join me for this partying.

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