Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The version of this picture I linked to a few days ago didn't do it justice. This is a link to a better quality version of the picture. Please gaze upon it in mouth agape wonderment.

I will now quote from The Torch newsletter:
"Chris Jericho is being widely respected and admired for standing up to Goldberg in the lockerroom scuffle a while back. Most feel that Goldberg was out-of-line for behaving the way he did in his first few weeks with the company, and are glad Jericho stood up to him."

He get a load of this, there are currently talks of making a Family Guy movie due to the show's recent success on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and in the wonderful world of DVD collector sets. As you might have guessed, I'm all for this idea.

Picture of the Day.. the second panel of this was too funny to not share.

Oi! You're DAMON ALBARN, the singer and front man
of Blur. You're quite the prominent figure in
society, and are easily reckognizable, whether
its with Blur or your side project Gorillaz.

Which Member of BLUR are you?
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