Thursday, June 19, 2003

Dinosaurmageddon? I nearly ruined my computer with a deadly spray of Dasani when I read that.
Those guys should be dragged out and beaten with an old pillowcase full of river rocks and Diet Coke cans for being so funny.

Corey says I haven't been putting as much effort into this aspect of my network of websites as of late, and to a point he's correct.. but to another point, he's not, because part of it has been that there hasn't been as much going on lately that's sparked enough interest in me to make me want to talk about it on here.
Let me have a look about and see if something can change that.

Bob tells me that Matt Sharp will be playing the Hi-Tone here in Memphis on July 7.
People should attend this I feel.

Honest to God quote : "You sonofabitch!, I'm the king of the world!" - Chris Jericho

Did anyone look at yesterday's picture of the day? I hope you did, because I think it's a very nicely done picture by a very talented guy.

Today's picture of the day is the 1st Fish on Mars!

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