Tuesday, May 06, 2003

If you like Spider-Man, and honestly who doesn't, you might be interested to know that there will be a Spider-Man Marathon on ABC Family on May 24 starting at 9:30am (Eastern Time).

Indiana Jones is finally coming to DVD! Go ahead and mark November 4 on your calendars.

This intrigues me.. I believe the Discovery Channel will be airing a special on this subject sometime soon also.

For the Harry Potter fans that visit Hip Today.

Superman is getting some video game lovin' soon. Hopefully these will be good.

Also, since I'm sure all of you are dying to know, yes, I've finally seen X-Men II (I don't want to call it X2!), and I really enjoyed it. Quite a bit. (If you haven't seen it I might spoil some of it for you in this little rant so you've been warned.) I'm more excited to see it again than I was to see it the first time. My general feeling is that if a movie has a scene that makes me want to stand up and "Wahoo!" in the middle of a theater then it's a really good movie. This movie had several such scenes. Quite a few in fact. But that may be in part due to the fact that I'm a huge comic dork. I literally had to stop myself from doing so during Colossus' big scene. Pyro was great. Magneto was great. Nightcrawler was outstanding. Very pleased was I with how well they made that work. Alan Cumming delivered a performance that made me want to smack the people who wouldn't ever let him finish his introduction of himself. For heaven's sake just let that sweet man tell you what his name is and what he was known as in the Munich circus! Hugh Jackman made himself forever Wolverine in my eyes during the invasion of the mansion scene. I mean when he grabs that guy and says, "Boy did you pick the wrong house." I mean come on! But then when he pops the claws on that guy and then proceeds to start f***ing people up Wolvie-Berserk-style, that did it. He didn't even have to be in the rest of the flick. The costumes were cooler for this flick in my opinion. I think the greatest improvement in this flick though was the huge leap in quality in the SFX and the fight choreography. I didn't like everything about the flick though. Cyclops was barely in the flick.. which displeases me. I'm sure I'm forgetting things.. I may add more later. That's enough for now though. I like hearing from all of you, so make with the comments please.

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