Thursday, April 24, 2003

What you ain't got my back, MF'ers? Leave a comment!
All you have to do is click down where it says Comment! (or a number and then Comment!s) to make it happen.
(Those of you that have already left one or more are off the hook and forever in my good graces, but I would sincerely enjoy it if you'd continue to add your thoughts.)
Extra special love to Alex who (like Carey says) is an angel and left comments all down the page.

"When you think of puke, think of Chris Haley." - Katie (I'm sure she's not the first to say or think such a thing)

And now some quotes that seem to apply to my life as of late. Enjoy!
Current music quote: "Convince yourself that everything is alright, 'cos it already is.." - Pete Yorn, "For Nancy"

Another music quote: "It's girls like you that make me think I'm better off home on a Saturday night, with all my doors locked up tight, I won't be thinkin' about you baby." - Brand New, "Failure by Design"

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