Monday, November 25, 2002

This made me laugh a great deal. It's straight from Gabe over at Penny Arcade and even though some of you may have no idea what he's talking about, I think it's still pretty funny.
"Apparently a bunch of hacker types took a break from giggling with each other about the irony of installing Linux on their M$ Xbox and noticed they can't connect to Live. David Beck actually wrote an article sympathizing with these poor souls who took it upon themselves to totally f*ck over the insides of their Xboxes. David reports that "Numerous owners of modified Xbox units reported in forums at the Xbox Hacker site that they were locked out of Xbox Live." I'm sorry, tell me again why I am supposed to care that a bunch of thieves and jackholes can't use their modified systems to f*ck up my online games with cheats and hacks? The article goes on to quote one of these winners as saying "All I know is I have two machines--one modded, and the other not. The one that's modded can't connect at all, and the unmodded one works perfectly." DUN DUN DUN! Holy sh*t this is like an episode of f*cking Murder She Wrote. Someone call Matlock so he can solve this mind bending puzzle! News flash Hacker Bob, Microsoft announced months ago that modded systems would not work with Live. Here's an idea for all you poor saps with $200.00 coffee tables now. How about in the future you don't crack open every piece of electronics you get and fill it with illegal hardware. At the very least how about you don't bitch to me when your soldering iron escapades leave you high and dry."
You can read more on how things continued to go for Gabe by clicking here.

Target now has an exclusive RED Game Boy Advance. If anyone is curious I'm open to receiving this for Christmas.

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