Sunday, October 06, 2002

It's funny how you can wake up thinking things in your life are going along a certain path only to have things happen by the end of the day that show you that you're not on that path at all. Or if you are on that path, it hasn't taken you to where you thought it would. But what do I know, I'm too dense to tell when a girl who's standing right next to me is trying to pick me up when it's obvious to everyone else in the immediate vacinity. Even her sister that's had one.. or seven too many. Does this mean I should start drinking too?

ROUND 2 of the "Name Our Band" poll is up and running again, so please go vote and be a part of rock history by helping name what will surely become one of the biggest bands ever. And if you leave a comment, please leave your name along with it.

Not only is this crazy, but it further fuels my fear and hatred of birds.

Just a heads up for you kids, Edward's birthday is Friday.

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