Friday, October 11, 2002

First things first, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own Edward Stanley!

Math is fun!

So as I'm leaving class this morning, I hear three kids talking about what prescription type drugs they're about to be doing that afternoon. How familiar they were with pharmeceutical names I normally only hear on commercials or in the doctor's office really creeped me out. The world kinda scares me sometimes these days.

The language is a little rough, but the Ozma love is very apparent.

A great review of The Transporter can be found here. I hope all of you will be seeing it tonight as I hope to be doing.

I'm still waiting for someone to drop me a line about the Halloween ideas.

"I would, however, like to communicate something very important to those readers who do creative work of any kind, and I use creative in a sense so broad that it includes the production of a sandwich. You do need a lawyer, and you don't know sh*t about contracts. I know you might think you do, because you're so f*cking smart and everything. People who write contracts are operating on a level that you can't even imagine, and just because you know all the words they're using doesn't mean you understand their ramifications when they're all put a certain way. These people make traps out of words, not just metaphorical traps but real-ass, Goddamned traps that can cinch around you and steal your work and make you never want to write another word so long as you draw breath." - Tycho @ Penny Arcade

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