Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Whadda ya think of the new front page? Not that most of you will notice, but I've made a lot of cosmetic and not so cosmetic changes to a lot of the rest of Hip Today. You can tell me what you think of it as well.

And now a feature that's always great, quotes from Danny...
Upon seeing something labeled "Fruity Pie": "I ain't no fruity pie! I'm fit, I'm lit, and I sure as hell ain't gonna take no sh*t!"
While watching the new He-Man cartoon: "Why does he have such a cool sword now? He used to have like a butter-knife.. I HAVE THE BUTTER-KNIFE!!"
In a hilarious Skeletor voice, towards one of Skeletor's minions: "I'm taking away your benefits... your evil benefits."

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