Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Though I have no idea if this game will ever hit American shores, Japanese Xbox owners will be getting a game called N.U.D.E.. You heard me right, N.U.D.E.! I'll let you check the site out and see if you can decipher what it is exactly that this game is about.

Speaking of Japan, I finally got to watch my Shaolin Soccer DVD!! For those of you that haven't heard me go on about this flick yet, I ordered it from Hong Kong and it got here wrapped in paper the likes of which they don't make where I'm from, so fragile, so refined. So yeah, I got to watch it finally tonight and it was everything I'd hoped it would be, plus there were some nice behind the scenes dealies and special features. To be honest there were even more special things than I was able to watch because the DVD is from Japan... and it's all in Japanese with a few random English labels that let me get around adequately enough. Not to fear though, the good Japanese people were nice enough to include English subtitles for the flick itself. Though I have to admit there were several scenes where something must be lost in the translation.

Listening to @ this second: "Neon Tom" by Gwen Mars

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