Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My, but birthday cake rules. And what's even better, I got two awesome birthday cakes this year. I felt very loved for the most party on my 22nd birthday. So thanks once again, to all of you who contributed to that "making Chris Haley feel loved on his birthday" phenomenon. Did I spell that right? I scarcely remember feeling so unexpectedly loved, since senior year in high school when my French 2 class threw a going away to college party for me one day instead of having class. I was the only senior who took French 2, and the 5 or 6 other people in the class were juniors, so they all got together and had a party for me. I really had no idea and I was so shocked I didn't even know how to respond. Life can be nice like that when you least expect it sometimes.

Wow, that's the first extended bit of me just talking to you guys I've written in quite a while. What do you think, should I do more of it, or stick to the quotes and short little bits of news? Or possibly some kind of combination of the two? I don't know why I even bothered writing that, because I know that though a pretty good number of people will read this, I know getting people to e-mail me about anything on this website is next to impossible.

All you need to know about what's been going on with the new SUPERMAN flick over the last few days.

What I'm listening to right this second: "End of Everything" by Stereomud

Anyway, COMING SOON: New pictures from Florida, my birthday, the party, and more!!

I think this sums it up nicely...

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