Tuesday, July 02, 2002

As I'm sitting here working on my silly little website and eating this Twizzler and drinking a really cold Pepsi, I can't help but think how pretty f'ing sweet my life is sometimes.

More alternate Super Mario Sunshine names: Super Mario Hangover, Super Mario Divide and Conquer, Super Mario with a Vengeance, Super Mario Bros. Close to the Edge, Super Mario Bros. I Swear I Didn't Know It Was Loaded, Super Mario Never Dies

Just to kinda let you know ahead of time my house is about to be invaded by noisy little monsters... I mean, noisy little children that I happen to be related to... whom I love.. no, really I do. (Is anyone catching the sarcasm?) I kid, I kid. No, seriously, they're a great bunch of kids... for me to poop on! Sigh... how I miss Triumph's insult comic-ing... anyway, so the point is if things don't get updated quite as quickly as they should around here you kids can't hold it against me. Ok? Ok.

"I've got radar for Rygar." - Me at work today

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