Sunday, May 26, 2002

which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

I'm reposting this entry because I really want you to read it...
You may not know Tara, but whether or not you do is not what's at hand at the moment. No, what's at hand is the fact that she had her wisdom teeth out Wednesday and I bet she's prolly not feeling that great, because I know I wasn't after I had mine out. So this is the deal if you're reading this you should send her some kind of "feel better/make her smile" e-mail. You'll both be glad you did. I'm serious, I'd really like for some of you kids to do this even if you don't know her, just say you're doing it because this website said you should.

And hey, speaking of Trainspotting (as an entry below this was), if anyone has that flick and wants to let me borrow it or wants to buy it for me I'd really really appreciate it. I can't offer anything in return, except possibly a drawing or some kind of sex payoff, but if you're down with either of those in exchange for a copy of that movie please let me know.

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