Friday, November 20, 2009

It's good to know..

And now for something I'd like to call, "A Single Image Illustrating Why You Should Be Reading The Punisher".

The Punisher #11
Writer - Rick Remender
Artist - Tony Moore

Looks pretty crazy, right?
Well, all you need to know is this comic takes place mere moments after the events of Dark Reign : The List - The Punisher. In that comic, Wolverine's evil son, Daken or (sigh) Dark Wolverine if you prefer, cut The Punisher to pieces. Literally. Arms cut off. Beheaded. The whole deal. He then proceeded to toss the assorted severed bits into an open sewer. The pieces of the former Punisher were collected by monsters and taken to a vampire scientist (he's a scientist who is a vampire, not a scientist in the field of vampire) who put Frank back together a la Frankenstein's monster.
After he awakens (and goes on a short rampage), the vampire scientist asks..

I mean, what a great response. This guy lives in a world with rock monsters and rubber guys and spider men and aliens in capes and he was just been brought back from the dead. If you were The Punisher I think there'd just have to be a point where you'd go, "Yeah, you know what? Fuck it. What else can happen?"


jason quinones said...

i don't read as many comics as i should. read most of wolverine: old man logan and that was pretty batshit insane. especially that conclusion.

heard about the recent daredevil events of him joining the hand. sounds cool. maybe i'll pick up on that storyline once it goes into a trade/s.

been wanting to comment on your EXCELLENT LBFA comics as of late but i think my workplace has ixnayed me from doing so. keep getting error messages.

still reading and guffawing though. thanks!

chrishaley said...

Haha, yeah, I noticed that all of your comments keep getting left on this one really old post. It is appreciated either way though, dude.

Email me if you'd ever be interested in doing a guest strip for us, okay?

I still haven't read the last chapter of Old Man Logan.. maybe I'll do that tonight.

jason quinones said...

i'd be honored to do guest strip!!! maybe early next year though after all the holiday craziness. my email's

whenever you wanna give me some details or whatever. the more time i'd have to work on the strip the better.

thanks man. lemme know via email or in the comments if you see/read this.

thanks again.

hope you had a good thanksgiving holiday!

jason quinones said...

now that i'm re reading this, "doing a guest strip for you guys" sounds vaguely dirty.

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Gambit said...

i must say that is a new twist on the punisher in witch i am a big fan of that comic i will start looking for it now

Anonymous said...

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