Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Settle down, settle down, settle down now..

14 Chris Haley - Aquaman
Originally uploaded by vee !

Get a load of this dancing Aquaman I drew for Vy at HeroesCon.


jason quinones said...

pretty damn cool sketchbook flickr pics. got these at heroes con????

jason quinones said...

p.s mocca festival came and went. guess you had enough of nyc huh?

me too!

chrishaley said...

I'm not sure if she got all of those at HeroesCon or not. All I can say for certain is that I drew that one for her there.

We would have liked to go to MOCCA, but Curt was in France, and I can't go to the BIG city by myself. North Carolina is one thing, but getting on a plane? No way.

Vee ! said...

Joe, all of those I got at Heroes Con except for the first one of Spiderman breakdancing.

Chris, you rock for drawing that for me. And you said you were slightly intimidated it. ;P

jason quinones said...

your aquaman does rock! please excuse me for not saying so earlier.

just live under the assumption that i think everything you draw is fucking awesome!

Mr. Joe said...

it's gotta be rough keeping up with the bear while underwater.

Mr. Joe said...

er... keeping up with the BEAT. Though I imagine it'd be hard keeping up with a bear as well?