Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wherein a conversation is had..

So, here is an actual conversation between myself and Chris Sims.
I know this is going to be a little confusing, but in the context of this conversation/post me = me (chrishaley), and Chris = Chris Sims.

11:14 PM me: OMG
 Chris: LRLOMG?
11:16 PM me: Literal Real Life Oh My God
 Chris: Oh wow.
  That's a good acronym.
11:17 PM me: today i christened adding RL to things to show the internet that you're not fucking around
  a dude will know you are for real laughing... for real!
 Chris: Why not LOLFL?
  Er, I mean.
11:18 PM me: RLLOLFR
 me: ASBQG
11:20 PM A Sincere But Quiet Giggle
 Chris: NICE.
  (Not an acronym, just enthusiastic)
11:21 PM me: oh man, we are the new original kings of comedy
 Chris: Feel free to post this little conversation anywhere.

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