Thursday, January 15, 2009

We didn't have much time..

I think this is the best explanation of Batman R.I.P. I have read..

Grant Morrison is trying to make a few points when it comes to Batman in my opinion. The point of RIP wasn't whether he killed Batman or not nor was it whether he killed Bruce or not. Instead it was asking the question about Batman, if you take it all away is he still Batman. If you make it that the parents that he fights for were maniacs and whores, if you make it that Robin, Nightwing and Alfred leave him, if you make it that all the money makes no difference, if you make it that he has no gadgets, no jets, no cars and no Justice League and all he has is his body and his training and his mind, Bruce or no Bruce, is Batman still Batman. RIP showed that he is. That no matter what you do to him and no matter what you take, he is and always will be Batman. - from xelas5674's comment on a review of Final Crisis #6 over at Newsarama

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