Friday, January 09, 2009

I've seen every blue-eyed floozy..

Curt and I have made a new comic that is kind of about video games!

In celebration of this, here is a meme I have filled out on the subject.
Feel free to fill it out and post it on your own blog, and if you should do so, let me know so I can read it.

1) What was your FIRST video game console?
I remember playing the Atari, but the Nintendo Entertainment System was the first system I owned.

2) Name a few games you played on said console.
Super Mario Bros. (1-3), The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Bubble Bobble, Rygar, Ninja Gaiden, Dragon Warrior, Tetris, Dr. Mario, The Punisher, Mega Man 2, The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Captain America and The Avengers, Superman

3) Excluding handhelds, how many VG consoles do you own presently?
Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, NES, Dreamcast, Playstation 2

4) Were you a Street Fighter nut? Any character in particular?
Yes. As a youngster I liked Guile because his moves were easier to pull of than everyone else's. Or that's what I thought at the time at least. Nowadays I'm more likely to play as Ken or Ryu.

5) Do you think Capcom is a FUCKING awesome company with kickass character designs?
Of course. I don't keep buying those art books they put out for no reason.

6) Here's the scenario.. You had some friends over and you all ate FRIED CHICKEN! After the meal you all decide to play some video games. As your friend reaches for a controller you notice his/her hands are very "greasy." Are you the type that would insist they wash their hands before pawing the controller, or is it no big deal?
It is most certain. I mean, I wouldn't be a dick about it, but if he didn't I'd probably have an aneurysm.

7) What's your favorite RPG/Action RPG?
Probably the Paper Mario games.. does that count?

8) Do you prefer 2D games or 3D games?
Depends on the game I guess. I've probably enjoyed more 2D than 3D games.

9) Are you an SNK fan?
Of course. Do you want to see my Terry Bogard costume?

10) Who wants to kick that dog's ass from Duck Hunt?
I'm sure that dog pissed me off when I was a kid, but I think he's hilarious now.

11) Have you skipped out on important events in life because of video games?
Define important.

12) Do you listen to video game music?
Certainly. I've got a good bit of video game music in my iTunes at work even.

13) Have you ever cosplayed a VG character?
It seems likely, though I can't recall at the moment. I should probably be filling this out when I am less tired. Oh, wait, upon re-reading this it says "cosplayed" as opposed to dressed up for Halloween, which is what I thought it said. I guess I dress up as Speed Racer all the time and I'm sure he's been in some video games.

14) Have you ever been in an arcade playing a fighting game, KICKING ASS, and then some 6 year old Asian kid comes in and OWNS YOU??
Nope. My little cousins have beaten me at some games before, but they aren't Asian, and those instances took place at home.

15) Name three games you would love to see remakes of if it was done properly.
(Also Rival Schools/Project Justice and Incredible Crisis)

16) Mario or Sonic?
This is not even a real question as far as I'm concerned. And don't get me wrong, I like Sonic, but I mean, seriously. Sonic is like the video game equivalent of Poochie. "Boy, that Sonic is one outrageous dude." "He's totally in my face!"
Mario is a hell of classy little dude with a moustache that refuses to quit keep on keepin' on regardless of how batshit insane the world around him continues to become.

17) When a movie shows up in the theaters, let's use Spider-man as an example, are you likely to buy the GAME version?
No. Unless it's really awesome. Then maybe.

18) What is your LEAST favorite genre of video games? (ex. fighting, sports, shooters, etc.)
First person shooters.

19) Is there a game out there that you feel was unique and didn't get enough love?
Power Stone. Rival Schools/Project Justice. Incredible Crisis.

20) Have you ever verbally abused a game because you couldn't beat one of the levels and/or bosses?
Are you kidding? Absolutely.

21) Do you own any VG apparel?
A couple of t-shirts and some boxer shorts. I think I actually might be wearing a pair of the boxers right now. I'm not going to check though.

22) What are your thoughts on the live-action Super Mario Bros movie?
Kind of a mess, but there's something kinda charming about it as well.

23) On that note, what did you think about the live-action Street Fighter movie?
Never saw it. Even as a kid I knew it looked terrible.
Update : Well, I just found out via Netflix that it's being released on Blu-Ray next month, so it has officially been added to my queue.

24) Who's hottest out of the King Of Fighters chicks?
May Lee is the first one I could find a cool looking picture of, so I'm going to say her.

25) Do you say "old-school" a lot when you're having a VG conversation with others?
No.  I think I'm more likely to say "classic".

26) Have you ever lent someone a game and they returned it to you damaged?
Probably. Who cares. It's in the past.

27) Do you own any imported games?
Yeah, I've got some import Dreamcast games somewhere.

28) Are you ready for this meme to be over, or could you keep going?
It's been pleasant so far except for that hottest chick from King of Fighters question.

29) In this scenario, let's pretend you're going to get a video game tattoo! What would you get and where?
Already did. I have a sort of glowing, primary Tri-Force on my wrist.

30) Are you good at DDR?
Not at all. To be fair though, I've only played once or twice, so I guess I might be good at it if I practiced.

31) Have you ever cried after you beat a game? If so why?
I think I wanted to cry at how incredible the ending of Portal was. Well, to be more precise how incredible the song at the end of Portal was.


thomas said...

You actually played the Superman game as a kid and didn't set your console on fire after? You're a better man than I.

chrishaley said...

My level of excitement when I saw the game in the glass case at Wal-Mart and then my corresponding level of disappointment after playing the game were epic.