Friday, November 21, 2008

We're making comics..

Odds are you're already well aware of this, but we're making comics all over the place at Let's Be Friends Again.
We would love for you to join us (and hundreds of other like-minded, ahead-of-the-curve, webcomic enthusiasts) at this particular party* we are throwing.

* - Not an actual party. It's more of a "reading our comic every Tuesday and Thursday" party. I mean, it's like, it takes place on the internet.. so I mean, how real of a party can it be? I mean, I guess you could get a keg and get totally ripped while you're reading our comic, but.. actually, that might be a goodass idea. We should start putting the comics out on Friday and Saturday nights so that people can organize actual parties with drinks and snacks around when our new comics drop.
Someone please organize a "Let's Be Friends Again Party" and send us pictures of it and we will definitely make some kind of awesome award or prize or something for you.


Dylan said...

Well, I'm not having a party or anything, mainly because I am super lame, but I just wanted to let you and Curt know that I'm loving the strip. It's good stuff.

Also, I just wanted to say "thank you" for getting rid of the auto-playing music thing on yr blog. It scared the bejeepers out of me on the off-times it loaded before I could jump down and disable it. It was stressin' me out, yo!

jason quinones said...

i agree with EVERYTHING dylan just said.