Friday, October 31, 2008

We are the end..

I ask you now and definitively :
Who is the greatest monster of them all and why?


jason quinones said...

for me it's a tie grover or animal (the drummer not pictured)

but the red guy with the gene simmons tounge and fangs has always been a close second even though i don't know his name,

chrishaley said...

Jason - It's funny, because after I posted this I realized that even though I posted it on Halloween and just chose that picture because I thought it was awesome, that people might be inclined to think I was asking specifically about the Muppet monsters... which wasn't the case, I was asking everyone to tell me who they thought the greatest monster out of all of the traditional (or non-traditional) Halloween monsters was.

chrishaley said...

Jason - However, no one that comes here should ever be under the impression that I don't want to discuss the Muppets.. because I am ALWAYS up for discussing the Muppets.

As far as the Muppet monsters go, I think Grover would get my vote as well.