Monday, September 22, 2008

To the top of the pops..

Look, I'll do real content when I feel like it, the thing I want to say now is that I cannot wait for this cartoon.


jason quinones said...

brandon vietti's blog (
has lots more pics from the show. it looks like a lot of fun!

b3n said...

I'm so excited for this show. My three year old boy loves him some Batman, and digs Batman: The Animated Series, but it does get a little scary sometimes.

This is gonna RAWK.

chrishaley said...

b3n - I just love the look of it, and seeing a show that makes it seem like being a superhero would be the most fun thing ever.. I think that's what's really going to appeal to little guys like your son.
Plus, the list of characters that are going to be showing up sounds like it's going to introduce a lotta little guys to a much broader view of the DC Universe and that's awesome too.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Did you see this interview?

I think that's the right link..