Friday, September 05, 2008

Time is flying like an arrow..

When April and I team up, good things happen.

I drew this and then she colored it digitally.
Little Iron Man is basically a big part of our lives every day.
All of our future collabs should be signatured CASH
You know, because you can make the word "cash" out of our initials.
That's the real reason I thought of it.
Someone needs to design us a cool "CASH" signature logo that is not the Johnny Cash one.
I want cool logos for all of my collaborations with awesome people.
This is me looking at you Dylan.
(I'm only half-serious though, as I know Dylan is a very busy dude.)

Speaking of awesome people, why aren't all of you guys updating your blogs right now too?
Get to it!


Candace said...

so cute. great work, you two!

~Robyn~ said...

LOVE this. Love it. Love. Luh.

Joel Priddy said...

Whoops. Someone else was signed in on my computer. I'm sure Robyn would love it, too.