Thursday, August 28, 2008

You could say..

Suck it, Phelps.
Aquaman vs Michael Phelps


jason quinones said...

i'll be impressed when phelps can talk to fish

PAT said...

maybe Aquaman should wear that hat thingy that they use.

PAT said...

by the way I just saw Doug Mahnkes 3D superman thinky AWESOME.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Ha! Seriously. Tell Phelps to call me when he's found, trained, and can ride a giant seahorse.

chrishaley said...

Pat - Yeah, I'm not sure if even "awesome" is a strong enough word to convey it's greatness.
As much as I love JG Jones, it kinda makes me wish Mr. Mahnke was drawing the main series.
If you're still studio-mates with him, you should tell him we all think he's doing a great job.
Also, good to hear from you again, dude!