Friday, August 08, 2008

Don't know how to say this..

Iron Man might be a Skrull?

I'm supposed to care?
Dude, you know what my comic has?

My comic has 3 generations of Flashes trying to outrun Jack Kirby's version of Death chasing a bullet capable of killing a New God that's been fired backwards through time!

Yeah, Secret Invasion can basically suck it.


M.Sea said...

Dude, Secret Invasion is a good story, too. Why can't we just be happy that both of "The Big Two" out some thought into their crossovers?

M.Sea said...

My bad, I meant "Put some thought into their crossovers".

John said...

I wonder what percentage of people are mostly Marvel fans, or mostly DC fans. I'm a Marvel fan and the only time I liked the Flash was the first 12 or so issues of the Wally West version.

chrishaley said...

m. Sea - Yeah, I'm enjoying Secret Invasion too, I"m just teasing Marvel because I'm enjoying Final Crisis so much.

chrishaley said...

John - Good question. I imagine it's some kind of fairly even split, and to be honest I love Marvel too. I think it's all kinda determined by either your personality or which one you were introduced to first when you were young.
If that's the only Flash you've read, you really should check out Born To Run.

thomas said...

That's my favorite review of a comic in some time.