Thursday, July 03, 2008

We're halfway through...

Evan Dorkin drew this for me at MoCCA... even after we made a murderous monster of him in our comic.
He was very funny to talk to even though I was incredibly nervous that he would hate us... and, you know, kill us.


Dylan said...

Oh man. That's like meeting Buddah or Corey Feldman or something. I'd have peed a little. Did you pee a little?

Milk & Cheese is obviously brilliant. I loved his Bill & Ted's comics for Marvel. 13-year-old me ate that junk up. That and PAD's X-Factor would be the only reasons I'd go to the comic shop. And that Fight Man one shot? Oh man, that was awesome.

And the dude wrote for Space Ghost! SPACE GHOST!!!

chrishaley said...

I may have peed a little, but it was most certainly more from fear than starstruckness. I was too scared and nervous to be starstruck.

Yeah, exactly. I think Evan Dorkin's stuff was the first non-superhero comics I ever read all those many, many years ago so it was basically a big deal to meet and be terrified of him.