Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No, we won't save you..

I made this wallpaper for that there new Batman cartoon I been going on about lately.


jason quinones said...

just saw dark knight(AWESOME!!)and i thought i'd ask you something seeing as how my internet findings have found different theories.

when batman finally beats out of the joker the locations of rachel and harvey and gordon asks batman "who is he going for?" batman distinctly sya rachel!

next scene he's saving harvey instead?? did i misss something?

your thoughts...

chrishaley said...

Jason - I spent a little time thinking about this after my 4th time seeing the movie, and the conclusion I came to was that The Joker intentionally lied about who was at which place.
Thinking back on when Batman breaks through the door, it seems like there's a moment where he's surprised to see Harvey there.
I could be wrong, but that's the best theory I can come up with, and I feel like it makes sense that the Joker would do that knowing Batman would go after Rachel.

jason quinones said...

that's what i figured and that's what pretty much everyone else seems to be saying as well.

heath was an AMAZING joker!!!

it's too bad he's no longer with us as i could have definitely seen him wreaking more havoc in another sequel and it seems the movie ended with that possibility.

do you really believe harvey's dead? i wouldn't mind seeing him in a sequel. trying to replace the joker with another actor seems wrong.