Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cool things I recently purchased : Part 1


Dylan said...

I'm staring at the blue-eyed idol of millions right now. Those things are freaking adorable.

Did you get them at Target? Because Urban Outfitters is selling them for $20. Which is twice as much as Target has them for.

Those skinny jean kids are suckers.

jason quinones said...

i've seen em for 20 bucks as well. didn't know if it was worth it. the thing translates best to this style. the hulk's a close second. i think both work cuz of the simplicity of the original characters design.

i didn't think target would carry this! i might actually have to RUN TO target as opposed to my usual RUN AWAY!

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Adorable is right. I did indeed get them at Target, though they're available pretty much everywhere toys are sold.
Also, I don't even know where an Urban Outfitters is in this state. There may not be one. I don't mind not knowing as I went in one once and they were charging $40 for a t-shirt with Superman on it I'd seen for $18 online. I knew then that they were the enemy.. or idiots.. or people who shop there were the enemy or idiots... or at the least suckers.

I'm probably just jealous they can afford to pay double for things.

chrishaley said...

Jason - The Thing one looks great in pictures, but in real life he's waaay too bright orange. It's weird, because they have him the right shade on the box and in the promo photos (like the one above), but then he's almost neon orange on the real toy.

Also, as I said in my comment to D-Love, you can get these pretty much anywhere toys are sold, so don't be paying those jacked up prices.