Monday, May 05, 2008

Remember the time..

In the course of working for places that sell video games together, Edward and I have come up with many an idea for a video game.
In an effort to catalog some of these ideas for the sake of posterity and so that they'll be a matter of public record I thought now was as good a time as any to put some of them here on the interweb.
(Edward, if you recall any of these ideas with a greater level of lucidity than I do, please let me know so that everyone can wallow in our opulence.)

Pretty Scenery : As best as I recall, the object of this game was to look at pretty scenery. The scenery could not be interacted with nor manipulated.

Foot Race : In this game you race. On foot. I can see this game playing out in more than one fashion. One would have you controlling the runner's movements with an analog stick or D-pad and the runner's speed with how quickly you could push a pre-designated button. Another iteration gives you absolutely no control over the racer. Instead, you would control things or characters surrounding the race, such as the person who hands the racer a cup of water.

Stop Watch : This game let's you control your very own virtual stop watch.

Jefferson Pang : I have no idea.

Lincoln Memorial : I'd have to assume our idea was that you'd visit the Lincoln Memorial.

Bicycle : Learn to ride a bicycle.

Chest Pains : This game had two featured gameplay options. One part was where next generation graphics would be employed to help one experience what it would be like to watch someone have chest pains. The other option was getting to be a vengeful god choosing who would receive the chest pains.

Step & Step : Step. Now, step again. Repeat. Repeat again. Now, repeat again.

Originally posted on my Live-jay on January 2, 2006.


april said...

what about "run forever?"

Dylan said...

I have this great idea. It's called Videogame and it's a game where you watch you friend play Super Mario 3. You earn points for yelling out "JUMP!" and explaining how to beat the hard bosses.

The sequel will be you watching someone watch someone play.

Did I just blow your mind?!

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Kaboom!