Friday, April 18, 2008

I'd open my mouth..

I want a woman who cares about me and not my money... Although I'll give you fifty dollars.

My ideal woman is one who cares about the world plus fifteen percent.
Even more here.
This movie is already better than Transformers.


jason quinones said...

this is starting to look better...

is that baroness in the second pic on the right because she's missing her trademark naughty schoolteacher glasses!!

is it more scary or sad that baroness has a fan website??

chrishaley said...

Jason - I'm sure she'll have them on at some point in the movie.
I mean, I can only hope.
As to whether it's scary or sad, can't it be both?

Dylan said...

Jason, I thought the same thing. Those glasses + skin-tight leather bodysuit = hot.

I'm still neutral on this one, though. It could easily be horrible, especially with Stephen Sommers directing.