Monday, April 21, 2008

Here we go..

I've got a little more hope for it now (Any is more than none, right?), but this still seems way too Frank Miller-y and not nearly Will Eisner-y enough for my tastes.


M.Sea said...

I feel somewhat better, but I still have that image of Sam Jackson in that horrid outfit-make it stop!!

april said...

i wish i could see this!

Curt Franklin said...

Like he says at the end of the clip, Miller would be doing a disservice to Eisner just rehash the Spirit in some sort of museum exhibit kind of way.

Yeah, it looks Frank Miller-y because it's Frank Miller doing it. I just hope it's a good Frank Miller movie.

thomas said...

All the changes make me think Frank "Waaaaaah, Hollywood changed my Robocop script so I'm taking my ball and going home!" Miller is an ass. He wouldn't make Sin City unless it looked exactly like his comic, but the Spirit? Oh to hell with Eisner's aesthetics, let's make Frank Miller's The Spirit.

It's not re-interpretation that bothers me. Like I said, that stuff looks slick. It's re-interpretation from Miller, who never stops bitching when his material is used in a way that deviates from his own ideas.

It's not just your work that deserves faithful adaptation, you ego-maniac. You're either open to the idea of different takes on source material across the board or you're a hypocrite

chrishaley said...

Thomas - Exactly. Thank you for saying that better than I could.

thomas said...

Also, I like how he declares how he's 'forging ahead' and doing something 'bold and new' by doing THE EXACT SAME THING HE ALWAYS DOES.

Plus, AS Bats isn't even funny any more, it's just stupid.

And you look like a dork in your fanboy Spirit costume.

Okay. I'll stop. I'm like one sentence away from starting with the "Frank Miller's momma so fat" stuff.

jason quinones said...

thomas-i thought the same g-damn thing when i saw frank in his spirit cosplay get up! he kinda just looked like a drunk old sonny crocket!!

really frank...ROLLED UP SLEEVES ON A SUIT JACKET! really?

Dylan said...

Oh man. I'm sorry, this looks terrible.